Time Line

Time in this campaign is recorded in a simple near base ten system for easy yet immersive use while minimizing the learning curve.

Lore Note:
The player and DM used time system is no the only one in the campaign but is the most prevalent and easiest to use. It is the human system of recorded time. Every hundred year the name cycles through the order of years and passing’s in a consistent order. Every 1000 years the cycle is restarted and an Age passes.

Days to a Year
10 Days = A Tenday
30 Days = 3 Tendays = A Passing
300 Days = 30 Tendays = 10 Passings = 1 year

Years to a Time
10 Years = A Tenyear
100 Years = 10 Tenyears =A Time

Example of a spoke day;
“I belive it was the Time of the Sword, second year of the 8th tenyear, Passing of the Rain; around the second second tenday.”

Or; 472 years, 4th month ~20days.

Times in order of occurrence:
Time of the Stone
Time of the Club
Time of the Trees
Time of the Rain
Time of the Crow
Time of the Cloak
Time of the Shield
Time of the Sea
Time of the Wind

Passing’s in order of occurrence:
Passing of the Stone
Passing of the Club
Passing of the Trees
Passing of the Rain
Passing of the Crow
Passing of the Cloak
Passing of the Shield
Passing of the Sea
Passing of the Wind

Time Line

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